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Scream Cream Womens Libido Enhancement

Libido Enhancement for Women

The Loss of libido is an unfortunate condition that affects millions of women on a daily basis. Women from young to old can experience low sex drive at various stages of life: younger women may experience it after the birth of a child in their 20’s and 30’s; perimenopausal women usually during their late 30’s and 40’s; and both menopausal and postmenopausal women throughout the rest of their lives can all experience low libido. Many factors can play a role in a woman’s drop in sex drive and ability to enjoy sex. This decline can result from changes that are hormonal, physical, psychological, or relational. More specifically, some of the contributors to low female libido include: decreased testosterone and estrogen levels; vaginal dryness; medication side effects; chronic health conditions; loss of a spouse or partner; lack of emotional intimacy; conflict; stress; and mood concerns. A decrease in sex drive can also develop due to medical conditions or as the result of psychological or emotional issues.

Sex is not only an integral part of any relationship, but studies have proven it is beneficial to your health. A healthy sex life decreases stress and heart disease, while increasing happiness and sense of well-being.

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women

  • Low or absent sexual desire
  • Lack of arousal despite desire to have sex
  • Not able to maintain arousal during sex
  • Pain during sexual contact
  • Not able to experience an orgasm

Sexual dysfunction in women is quite often overlooked even though women suffer from sex issues just like men. While treatments for men experiencing erectile dysfunction are readily available many women are left wondering what options might be available to them. As a woman ages, there is a rapid decline in sex hormones such as estradiol and testosterone. Although women produce a much lower amount of testosterone than men, this decline is noticed throughout the whole body. Testosterone is responsible for a woman’s sexual desire and responsiveness, mood, sense of well-being and mental acuity. As it does in men, Testosterone plays a role in maintaining a woman’s libido. Restoring optimal hormone balance can help improve your libido and reduce the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. When restoring hormones is not enough there are other treatment options available.

Treatment of Low Libido

A prescription topical all-in-one libido enhancement cream is available to treat the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women.

This proprietary formula has been developed by physicians who specialize in sexual health and hormone restoration. It contains a carefully measured combination of ingredients which work synergistically to increase direct blood flow, increase sensitivity, and improve desire. Testosterone can be added to the cream at a customized strength to address any hormone deficiency detected. Libido enhancement cream is compounded at a licensed pharmacy using a water based, hypoallergenic, transdermal vehicle and FDA approved medication.

The ingredients work to increase vaginal lubrication, relax vaginal muscles, increase sex drive, and improve sensation, lubrication, and sexual interest. Topical libido enhancers are an appealing alternative to oral medications. Inconsistent dosing and possible side effects can be eliminated with topical creams that are applied locally to increase sensitivity and blood flow.

Use: Apply directly to the clitoral area at least 30 minutes prior to anticipated sexual activity and gently massaged in. Duration of effect ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours and heightens both ease of stimulation and intensity of orgasm.

Contraindications: Patients with a history of sensitivity to any of the listed ingredients should not use this product. Patients with a history of genital herpes should use this product with caution as L-Arginine may facilitate reproduction of the herpes virus. Libido enhancing cream is available without L-Arginine upon request. Onset is identical to the complete product but duration may be reduced. Libido enhancement cream can cause irritation in women who currently have a yeast infection. Do not apply cream until the infection is resolved.