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Vitamin Injection Therapy

What are vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections are giving a highly pure and potent prescription-only version of vitamins in a form that is safe to inject into the body. Vitamin injections are administered under the skin, in a muscle.

Why use vitamin injections? Aren’t the vitamins I take by mouth enough?
When receiving a vitamin injection, the body is saturated with vitamins, and every cell has as much as it needs immediately. Many patients feel this right away, and enjoy the boost of nutrients.

Can vitamin injections be used as a tonic for wellness or prevention— even if I‘m in good health?
Yes. Vitamin injections can be a nice boost if you are under stress, if you have been unable to take your vitamins as diligently as you might want, or if are exposed to others who are sick. In fact, vitamin injections are what our doctors and staff use to avoid getting sick when we see so many sick people!

Are vitamin injections safe?
Yes. Vitamin injections have one of the safest track records for injections of any kind. Although they are not right for everyone, most people tolerate them very well. Talk to one of our doctors about the risks and benefits of vitamin injections.

For what conditions might vitamin injections be helpful?
Vitamin injections have been used for over a century. They may be helpful for people with:
Fatigue and low energy
Chronic Pain
Prevention or treatment of cold & flu
Digestive issues like irritable bowel
Immune weakness causing chronic infection
Erectile dysfunction & other poor circulation diseases
High Blood Pressure
PMS or other hormonal problems
Nutritional problems related to gastric bypass surgery
Malnutrition & Malabsorption
Reducing cravings when quitting tobacco

How do I know if I would benefit from vitamin injections?
Although most people can benefit from a vitamin injection, a doctor must prescribe and administer it. If you have any of the symptoms listed, or if you just want an extra boost to your health, a vitamin injection might be right for you.
Talk to us about whether vitamin injections might be a good addition to your health and wellness plan.

How long does a vitamin injection take?

Not long. Most injections last 5 minutes or less.

How many vitamin injections are required to notice a difference?
Most people notice improvement in energy and well-being after just one injection. Others who have had conditions lasting years will get best results from a series of injections. Talk to the practitioner about what would be right for you.