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About us

We are a medically supervised wellness center in Kansas City that includes options for both your inner wellness and outer beauty.

Our Age Management medical consultations and treatments include a complete medical history and appropriate physical examination, diagnostic testing with blood, urine and/or saliva to include biomarkers for metabolic and hormone deficiencies as well as evaluating for the accepted markers of disease risk. This is followed by a customized treatment plan to meet your individual needs with emphasis on preventative measures, proper nutrition and supplementation, weight management and an exercise program. We also incorporate the use of bio-identical hormones where appropriate to optimize your energy, strength, stamina, sexual functioning, cognitive thinking, memory and overall quality of life.

For those needing to down size, you can achieve outstanding results with our numerous Weight Loss options. Our Renewed by Midwest Health & Wellness program will help retrain your metabolism and access weight that cannot otherwise be done by diet and exercise alone. We have hand selected high quality individual supplements and packs to assisst with fat burning and appetite control. Other helpful options include a 30 day weight loss kit, detox products, and lipotropic injections.